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GES216 - Naked Tower, Barcelona

Having awoken from our slumber in GE061's small room, the putrefied air resulting from having three blokes in it. It was time to head off and find some fresh air. We headed over to the Ramblas and an adjacent area for lunch. GE074 and GE061 had sensible pizzas, whereas I decided to go for a cheapish three course meal. I imagined there would be three small portions. However the first two were substantial, and by the last course, I was struggling. We hatched a plan to head back to GE071's, and let the other two grab their stuff. Then we'd head out, grab some beers, climb something and watch the sun set.  GE071 knew of an unfinished tower, that fortunately had been topped out. It lay across town, so yet more walking was involved. I'm sure I've walked less in NYC than here. See if you can spot which of the three towers below we climbed?!

We walked up to the building in ninja mode, looking for covert ways in. Eventually we found what we were seeking, namely a huge hole in the fencing. It wouldn't test our ninja skills, but it was easy and we were in a hurry to try to grab some pics before darkness. GE074 shot off up the stairs like the northern whippet he is, I was trying to maintain a steady pace, but declining slightly with each floor. GE071, who was a few pies over his normal fighting prime weight, trundled along afterwards. The building had a lower roof and upper roof. There was discussion between the other two about doing some chin ups on the red bars on the bottom right, Russian style. However only I think GE074 looked into it.

A shot of Barcelona's profitable docks, backlit by the sunset.

A major city artery heads north west to the hills that surround Barcelona.

Another shot backlit by sunset, the buildings on the surrounding hills.

My goodself with downtown Barcelona in the background.

Streetlights illuminate the bases of buildings, while the upper floors await darkness. Looking North.

The three chimneys with red lights on to the middle left of centre, belong to the now decommissioned power station. An explore target for many, but apparently security is 'merda calenta' as the locals might say. The newer station sits lit up to the right of the old one. Behind them the dark and silent sea.

A colourful building sits on the Av Diagonal, which cuts through the city. To the right lit up is Gaudi's chruch, La Sagrada Familiar, under construction, forever.

Photos done, we sat back and sucked down some local beers. Doing what explorers do best, telling stories and tales of daring do. Slating fellow explorers and discussing future plans also feature in their somewhere. Props to GE071 for sharing his locations, and GE074 for ever pleasant company.


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