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GES210 - Powerstation IM, Belge

Travelling around Belgium with GE079 and GE063, I was keen to visit some of the power stations that had been decommissioned, after ECVB, IM was the other main station I was keen to visit. The station is a tad more difficult than the ECVB power station, as it has security patrols by car. We got to the access point without trouble, and would then have the place pretty much to ourselves. The building in the centre of the pic below contains the power station. The building sneaking into the foreground being offices.

The building had lots of natural light penetrating the extensive windows covering the building. GE063 goes for a shot, while GE079 above sorts his kit.

A tank with endless pipes coming out of it, high up in the station.

Outside, covered conveyor belts lead up to the top of the station, carrying coal for the ovens.

The coal is brought along here and passed along the top of the station.

A shot to give some perspective to the height of the place.

An odd walkway to the windows and nowhere else.

Boliers tanks to create the steam that would drive the turbines below.

Gauges sat outside the control room.

The control room for the station, with a lurid green colour control panels.

A separate control panel to the main horseshoe panel to the left.

Pipes coming out of the boilers, taking the steam down to the turbines below.

One of the turbines in the turbine hall, below the boilers above the camera.

A side view of the turbine and steam feeding system.

A map of the main turbine hall. Chaudiere means Boiler.

Another turbine hall adjacent to the one above, features two more turbines. The one furthest from the camera appears to have it's hood up.

Under the hood of a turbine, the fixed and stationary discs compress the steam from the compressor (silver section on left) before being forced through the generator (blue section), similar to a jet engine.

Reverse shot of the second turbine hall, taken from the turbine with it's hood up.

It was then a trip back up to the upper levels, and I walked into one of the covered conveyor belt areas, and this is the inside.

Looking out the window from a window near the conveyor belts, a large cooling chimney sits. I'd seen numerous shots from inside the tower, so headed off to get to it. It required a sneaky crossing of a bridge that was secured. But not secured very well.

The inside of the cooling tower, shot with a fisheye lens. Wooden troughs lead into the centre, below them were wooden slats that went down 15m to a water pit below.

In the centre of the tower a pipe drops down. The troughs lead into the centre from the edge.

I wanted to get a shot from below looking up, as I'd seen it before. However the water was too deep, and warning signs warned of bacteria and bad water.  I was reasonably pleased with this shot from above using the fisheye again.

All done, it was back across the pipe bridge, and along the road to the car. Thanks to GE079 and GE063.




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