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GES222 - Sea Containers House, NYE 2012

It's London, It's New Years Eve, there are going to be fireworks on the Thames. This brings about the question of where? Last year we had a few beers at the top of the Neo Bankside development. However that was no longer an option. A few ideas were bandied around, but it always looked likely it was going to end up being here. When GE079 said the preferred building was inaccessible due to street cordons, Sea C0ntainers became the location. Word was spread, and I turned up around 20.30 to meet GE079 and GE075. GE075 was late, so GE079 went off to get into the site, I watched for the sweet spot they used. When GE075 turned up with her partner, we all popped in together, and made our way up. As we went up a couple of floors, we bumped into some of GE079's friends who'd got lost on the way up. Up the scaff we climbed, until we popped out the top. A few other explorers were floating about, including high places duo GE037 and GE038. We sat around chatting, and it quickly became obvious we were not going to be the only people here. GE078 decided to let off a smoke bomb where we were sat. So I went with GE075 and her chap GE076 to a different part of the roof to see what's what. We caught up with our recent adventures and scene stories. I grabbed a shot down the Thames through the sheeting. Below us people were milling about waiting for the fireworks on the banks of the Thames.

Looking back at the demoed stump that would mark the highest point for grabbing shots. Some people had decided to bring airhorns and fireworks. The former were being honked every now and again. I was somewhat apprehensive about attracting unnecessary attention before the fireworks had even started over on the millennium wheel.

I wasn't quite sure why people had assembled on Blackfriars bridge, as they wouldn't be getting much of a view. The vista of St. Paul's and the City was a good one.

GE037, GE038, GE078 and GE079 opted to climb the crane on site for a better view. As well as to let off air horns and then fireworks. The fireworks on the London Eye went off and were great. Loads of people were on the roofs connected to the building, perhaps as high as 50.

The fireworks go off in front of the South Bank buildings.

After a couple of minutes the smoke from the fireworks formed clouds that blocked the view of the Eye and the fireworks themselves. So we could hear them, but not see anything. I turned around, and as was the case the previous year, there seemed to be some fireworks going off in the City of London as well. I grabbed a couple of snaps, caught up with GE039 briefly, and then opted to leave. Air horns were going off constantly, and fireworks all over the place. Then I saw GE079 with a fire extinguisher...

I said my farewells, and descended down the scaff. All was quiet below, as I hopped over the hoarding. I walked around to the river side, and streams of people were coming past. I looked up and saw that the Police helicopter that had been keeping an eye on proceedings swung above the Thames near me, and was clearly watching the lunacy going on above me where I'd just been. I texted GE079, and then headed home. I later heard the security chased everyone out. Happy New Year!


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