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Links to Great Travelogues

Born 2 Travel - Global travels (Italian and English)

Joe's Trippin - Global travels including wanders off the beaten path

Asiaphoto - Trips around Asia

The Alperts - Trips around Asia and Australasia

Ced  Avril & Kitson's Big Arsed Adventure - Global blogs

Palin's Travels - Some chap called Michael Palin is pretty well travelled

Peter Moore - Top travel blogger and author/writer

Travelstories - Lots of Global trips

Feast n Travel - mainly Asia with a food emphasis

Between the hammer and the sickle - word based blog on former USSR countries

Esme Travels - Global with female advice

Cycling el mundo - Cycling around the world

Kyle the Vagabond - Global trips

Stingy Traveller - Doing it on the cheap

Word Up Emily - Global and Africa