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GES236 - West 1/4 Tower, London

Every now and again I end up shooting off the A4 just before it becomes the M4 motorway, the main artery from London to the West of England. I had noticed a tall structure dominating the horizon that looked as if it was still being built. Curious, after work I went for a look and found it to be part of a larger building project west of Jct 2 on the M4. I scanned for access and problems, and it looked really easy. With no chatter on the exploring scene about it, I assumed it was pretty virginal. This would mean security weren't too hot on keeping a look out.

GE077 was away for the weekend, so I used my free night to head over for a look. On getting into the site, all seemed quiet, and it was a few steps to the bottom of the stairs. No one seemed to have seen me, so I proceeded up the stairs. At every level was a small saloon style swing door. It's presence puzzled me, as well as one of the workers.

A handy map showed my location within the structure. Only one stair core, so only one way up or down. As this is an office building, I'm glad I'm not going to have to do a fire drill down that lot!

Junction 2 of the M4 below. The building below with Barratt on it, is a listed building. This stretch of the A4/M4 is known as the ''Golden Mile,' a treat of Art Deco delight.

The great split, the M4 curves off North here, and the A4 emerges into the open from beneath it. The headquarters of Gsk is just North of the split, in it's relatively recent built tower. The two blue lights level with the Gsk sign, and on the left, are the top of the Gillette building, explored in the past. This was about 2am, and some chap in a red Ferrari could be seen, but mostly heard, roaring up and down the A4.

The top of the building and it's panoramic viewing room.

A crane used to build the lower structures on the site.

Home of the Bees, Brentford FC, Ealings only football club. The green strip of trees beyond the football ground are Syon Park and Kew Gardens.  Beyond the trees is Richmond, and on the horizon, Richmond Park.

Ealing Road heads north from the A4 to Ealing.

A wide shot of train (far left) and road heading West out of the city. Planes were starting to fly past to Heathrow in the distance.

Thwarted again in attempting to get a decent sunrise shot, I packed up and headed down the tower. It was clearly bright out, but luckily no one was about. A quick hop over the hoarding, and I was on my way.


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