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GES244 - Valkyrie Plass disused station, Oslo

The station was built by accident, as the tunnel being built under the city from 1912 collapsed here. It was decided to build a station designed by Kristofer Andreas Lange, that received the 2 carriage trains of the time. It was named after the Norse mythological Goddesses who chose those who would live and die in battles. The area above it took its name from the newly created station. The tunnel opened along with the station in 1928, and was operational up to 1985 when it couldn't accommodate the new longer trains. The Majorstuen surface station is only 200m away, making the station pretty much redundant anyway.

Following the fun and games of the previous night at Oslo's other 'famous' ghost station, Volvat, we were a little on edge, but still keen to come here. After checking out various angles, staring at lit windows, we walked into the station and quickly down the platform. A quick hop, and we were dancing down the sleepers into the dark awaiting tunnel. Hands covered torchlights to give just enough light to not go arse over tit. When exploring tunnels, one's ears are just as important as one's eyes. Hence it's best to avoid making any noise, which means avoiding the crunchy ballast stones. This way you can hear voices or ballast crunch up ahead. We'd heard of workers being seen on the platform as previous explorers had found, so approached with caution. The platform and tunnels all appeared to be empty. This looks back up the tunnel to the surface station, from the ghost station. Sadly for us the main tunnel lights weren't on, only the blue emergency lights glowed deeply.

The ghost station was oddly lit up with a pink hue, coming from a Breast Cancer poster on the platform for commuters. At the back, the bridge where passengers would have once entered the platforms.

The tunnel continues off past the disused station into the darkness. The next station was a mile away and live, so continuing made little sense. With the lights off, we would have risked our torchlights being seen by any workers.

GE063 and GE089 both taking shots in the eerie blue from emergency lights

GE063 sits on the passenger bridge.

After trying to disable the emergency sign, we gave up and just covered it with a coat. The platform that isn't covered with a cancer poster, the Westbound platform.

We entered close to service, so we could get the station lit up, and then capture the light trails of the trains going through. We got half of what we wanted.

Hiding behind some cable drums, I grabbed a few shots from the platform of trains going through.

On exiting the station we went back to a late night Burger outlet, that had sadly closed at 5am.

We then somewhat cheekily headed back to the surface station, and caught the train back to the main train station in Oslo. A Westbound train emerges from the tunnel portal.

The perfect explore of no problems, a bit of a buzz and seeing something new to us. Just wish those bloody tunnel lights were on!


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