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GES242 - Volvat disused station, Oslo

The Ghost Stations of Oslo are not unknown to those who are infiltration minded. In fact they've probably been explored regularly since they were abandoned. It wasn't hard to pinpoint them courtesy of Bing maps, and I noted their location on an offline map App I had. As we rocked up at the right spot, GE002 was curious as to where the cemetery was. Because he'd heard that access was via a cemetery. Not seeing any cemetery around we opted to try to get in where we were. Unfortunately where we were was on a steep bank facing a depot. In Metro Infiltration, depots are notorious for usually being well protected, phenomenally so in London's case. Looking out at some lit up and empty looking trains. The whole area is well lit up, and the track lead off the front of the depot and into a portal of the tunnel. As we were observing the scene a service train came chundering down the track and into the tunnel. As we ducked into the shadows, it certainly put us on edge. If we had been on the tracks at that moment it would have been a nightmare!

As the train disappeared up the tunnel we hopped the fence and scurried amongst some bushes, checking to see if we'd been spotted. GE002 once again showed his amazing ability to shred his trousers when getting over a fence. All looking clear, we dropped onto the tracks, and quickly disappeared off into the tunnel. This shot shows the route we'd taken, the Westbound tracks taper off into the outside and night.

The station remnants weren't much to look at, sprayed grey to cover the graffiti. This looks down the Eastbound tunnel out of the station to where we'd started from.

The Westbound platform stairs to the surface had a painting on to warn against running and being safe. As can be seen, the painting has been spared the grey paint.

Stood on the Westbound platform, the piles of rubble evident. The above painting is on the other side of the stairs.

The only identifier to the fact we were in Volvat was an old station sign, typically sprayed grey.

We'd already had a close shave when what sounded like a train coming turned out to be a lorry somewhere outside. GE063 had been made aware of the fact that he needed to be careful about not having stuff to hand in case we had to leg it. I had amazingly finished taking the shots I wanted first, and had packed up. I started off up the tunnel in the opposite direction to where we'd come. I could see that the tracks went out into the open air again. The former station basically sat in an underpass.

As I observed this I heard a rumbling coming in our direction. I ran back into the station and shouted 'Train' and hopped onto the platform grazing my knee. I had a wall behind me, and the tracks to the side. If no one was looking backwards or to the side in the service train I would be fine. GE002 was hiding on the stairs out of sight. GE063, well GE063 was panicking in the middle of the tracks. Forgetting which way the trains were running in the panic, and he also had bits of gear here and there. I could see him panicking on the wrong tracks as the service train rumbled into the station. I started filming as I had the camera quickly out. The train driver had seen GE063 and sounded the horn and started breaking. Oh dear, or words to that effect. I bolted it with the sound of the very loud horn in my head, and the still screeching breaks in my ears. I ran up the tracks with my camera still in hand. Out in the open air, the tracks went up hill. I was frantically scanning for where to get out. As I got near the stop of the 30m or so slope, a fence to my side looked easy enough to bounce over. I stopped running knowing I was safe, and looked back. GE002 wasn't far behind me and we bounced over together. I was relieved not to see a service train roaring backwards up the tracks. It also still left a question as to where GE063 was. Stood on the opposite side of the fence, GE063 finally came bounding up the tracks, and passed me his gear. He hopped the fence, and we walked off.

As we took account of where we were, we realised, it was the graveyard that most people used. D'oh! Oh well, at least we'd had an original adventure, sorting out our own access, and getting some excitement courtesy of the Norwegian trackies. Thanks to GE002 and GE063 for company.



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