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GES241 - Pipe tunnels & Bunker car parks, Oslo

Having teamed up with Oslo local GE068, we ended up getting into a van with a couple of his friends. As well as GE063 and GE069, we went through the suburbs to a wooded area with a hill. We walked down a path and slightly into the woods. A manhole cover stood before us. GE089 used his tickling skills to present us with an opened manhole and ladder down a few metres. All down we ended up in a long rock blasted tunnel with a large pipe in. It disappeared into a wall near where we dropped down. After 10minutes or so, we ended up in the middle. A pipe from the other direction joined the one we were following and went off up another tunnel at a T junction. This is a shot of the tunnel where the pipes join and run together.

The area where the two large pipes join from left and right, then run together into the distance of the photo. The shot above is taken looking back to where the camera is for this shot.

The pipes only ran together for a 100m, before going up to the surface with some stairs in the middle.

Just back from the stairs was a hole in the ground, and a ladder going down. A deeper level had a higher ceiling and slightly larger pipe running in it. We followed this for a few hundred metres to a different exit point.

This exit point lead up to a small doorway and hut built into the hillside near where we'd started. The always discreet graffiti taggers left there mark.



Before going to Oslo, I'd searched around for various places of interest, and came across some interesting looking bunker type places on GE068's Flickr stream. When we met up, I was keen to see them. I didn't realise they were actually car parks. As they were no longer needed for defence, they were handed over to a car park company. We started off with one that was below the Fort that dominates the harbour. The car park was supposedly secure, helped by the steel doors in the pic below, but GE068 was quickly in.

Presumably this was once filled with beds and/or office equipment to hold out in a sustained attack. It's not clear who on earth would want to attack Norway, but when you're loaded, who cares!

The route up from the car park to the surface.

Blast door halfway up the entrance ramp to the surface.

We fired up the entrance shutter and walked out about 6 of us to a bemused driver that was looking to enter.

We crossed town, and entered another bunker built under a park. An array of steel doors sat between the side entrance and the main bunker/car park.

Inside the arrangement was different to the previous shelter, with distinct bays.

In a side room sat a set of showers, ready to wash off or decontaminate people.

The access route to the entrance/exit, another steel blast door.

Just before the entrance to the car park, about 50m up the tunnel on the right, was a set of stairs going up on the left hand side. These would have been the original entrance for the select few or the public in general.

An interesting explore as to how spaces have been re-used within the city. A bit like Pizza Express in the UK!

Thanks to GE068.