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GES243 - Olso Park Culvert

We met up with GE068 for a second day of wanders, and headed off to a culvert running through one of Oslo's parks. GE089 and GE063 had brought along their waders, whereas I had only brought wellies. The pics I'd seen of Oslo drains didn't look too deep in my defence. We stumbled down to the open entrance, autumnal leaves beginning to drop on the ground all around us. Water pouring out like from the spout of a watering can. GE089 hopped up and in, GE063 entered less gracefully and GE089 was up next. Following up the rear, we stomped off up the fast flowing but not too deep water.

After the concrete entrance we were in a nice rock blasted tunnel, with a rock blasted floor as well. Although it had been covered in debris over time. I couldn't be bothered to get the tripod out, so was just taking external flash shots.

There were no side drains, this was the only real attempt, and as can be seen, it's blocked off and unused.

Further on there were deeper sections and eventually I had to decide whether to march on and get wet, or exit the way I'd come in. Manning up, I plunged into the cold water and quickly filled my boots so to speak. I plunged through the water for the next 30m or so, GE089 helpfully filming my predicament. We then came into a concrete section, that was fashioned to look like planks. I tipped out the water as best I could, and squelched on. The others showing no pity in their dry waders.

After the concrete section, the different layers merged, and there was a concrete lower lining of the tunnel and cleaned up rock above, sprayed with a concrete coating. A dull grey concrete coating. All along the ledge were what looked like numerous false widow spiders. So being overtly paranoid after recent press scares, I opted to try to move along the uneven floor without touching the sides. The guys in this pic are looking at fish going through, it being a river culvert, and not a sewer.

A tripod shot of the end of the tunnel, or the start actually as the bright light is from the infall. The rather dull concrete sprayed rocks.

The mouth of the tunnel at the infall, as seen at the top of the page. Despite coming perilously close to a soaking trying to find a way out, there wasn't any way.

We bopped out of a manhole instead, much to the amusement of a couple as they walked past. GE089 filming GE063 coming out, only to be nearly knocked over by a cyclist. Seemingly in Oslo it's legal for people to ride bikes on the pavement. A quick shot of the in-fall from outside.

After another night of exploring, the next morning we went our separate ways. GE063 left for the UK, while GE089 and I set off for Bergen. The Oslo to Bergen railway is supposed to be one of the great rail journeys in the world. However we were only able to do a couple of stretches of it, as they were doing maintenance work. We spent a night roughing it sleeping in a hire car. The next morning we woke up to this, and a day spent seeing some of Norway's very beautiful fjords.

Thanks to GE068 for being a great host, as well as his various friends we met. Props to GE063 and GE089 as always.