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GES266 - Hotel Fjord, Kotor, Montengro

On a holiday through the Balkans, we touched into Montenegro. I'd been before as a kid, and passed through a few years ago on a trip around the area. This time I wanted to show my missus the beautiful area around here, particularly the Bay of Kotor. I'd actually explored a place across the road from here on the previous trip, the former Riviera Factory.

The Hotel Fjord sits tranquilly at the top of the Bay in a prime location. It was designed by a neighbouring Bosnian, Zlatko Ugljen and completed in 1986.

The Hotel had 155 rooms and 4 suites. A plan is here from the DVARP website. It was sold off in 2005 and has stood empty ever since, slowly decaying.

The former grand entrance to the hotel

Once upon a time it looked like this. The dark car in the foreground is the former national car of Jugoslavia (pronounced Yugoslavia), the Yugo. Behind it are two Renault 4's. As a young teenager, I can remember my tall frame being squeezed into the back of one as we drove through boiling heat into the mountains of modern day Croatia/Bosnia to get to Sarajevo. A tiny window that twisted open halfway being my only cooling source. Car options were limited in those days when Jugoslavia was a non-aligned communist state. Photo acquired from this site, which has more pics from the 80s.

Nature had taken hold of the ground floor. A broken window in a showroom had allowed in a long grass-like weed, that had created a carpet.

The lobby was desolate with a mouldy air about it. Anything of value in the hotel had long gone.

With windows smashed all over, there was little to prevent moisture and mould from taking hold. This is the area to the side of reception where convenience stores and travel outlets would have been.

The picturesque views from the veranda now flooded, with the walled city of Kotor in the background. The monotony of cruise ships coming in and dumping it's load of tourists to fill the cobbled streets.

Paperwork left behind in an office leading off from the reception.

On the lower ground floor were more concession areas, and probably a restaurant.

Mould dripped everywhere in the lower ground floor.

Escher-like stairs lead up to the roof.

The aforementioned roof, mostly beginning or starting to crumble away.

Views from inside one of the rooms.

Although the hotel closed in 2005, unofficial guests have stayed since, using the wall as a guest book.

Many sized windows sit around the main hotel stairwell.

One of the rooms in the roof. Smashing!

It was then time to return to my pregnant girlfriend, sweating away merrily in the car.


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