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GES257 - Warzawa Bridges

GE070 invited GE002 and I back to her homeland of Poland, where we met up with GE065 who was working her way around Europe.

The menu was mainly drain orientated, but we figured we'd have a go at some of Warzawa's bridges for kicks.

First up was the Grot Bridge, a 8 lane road bridge opened in 1981 and is part of the Warsawa By Pass route. It's named after a General from the Polish Resistance Army, murdered by the Nazi's. It's span is 645m long and each direction sits on it's own independent bridge as the below picture shows.

Security wasn't too hot, and within a minute or two, we were in. A walkway runs just below the road above, with an open area below.

The below areas, rising and falling with the arches of the bridge.

We then set off for the Holy Cross Bridge as dawn rose on a cloudy morning. it's closer to central Warsaw and upstream from the Grot Bridge. It was opened in 2000 and is 479m long, the tower holding the suspension cables is 90m high. The tower was our main objective. GE002 had already been up, but wanted some daylight shots.

Local information pointed to one of the supports currently being open. There was no practical way up the support, other than a winch. The winch ran up a support that was effectively a ladder, although the steps were just far enough apart to make climbing something of a chore. Taken from the first landing of the support, GE002 descends back down.

The hatch just visible on the right, is where the above picture was taken. Exiting the support brings one out onto a grill above the roadway.

A precarious looking hoist went up to a higher platform, but neither GE002 or I were interested in giving it a go. Fearless GE070 had been up a couple of times in the past.

I was happy with the views from the first landing, looking into Warzawa CBD.

Looking downstream, the Old Town on the left bank. The church we'd climbed previously sat prominently by the tallest office block.

After having a second look at the ladder hoist up to the 2nd landing and deciding it wasn't worth it, mainly to do with it being a bit obvious in daylight rather than my pants likely to gain a brown tinge! I then set off down the awkward hoist to the safety of the ground and rejoined the others.


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