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GES015 - Birmingham Midland Bank

Having seen a bank done in Manchester over the previous Autumn, I really fancied doing a bank. Obviously not with a stocking on my head and carrying a shooter. So when the Brum mob broke the Birmingham Midland Bank on 28DL in the members section, I was ready.

I'd been talking to GE010 about doing something and when this popped up, he kindly offered to drive up there, and not only that, take a couple of my mates as well. So straight after work on a cold Friday in January, I rushed up to Watford to meet TheSpaniard and Will, and we found GE010 parked up just down the road. All in, GE010 floored the small car up the M1 to Brum, chatting all the way about past exploits as explorers do.

We finally parked up in Brum after finding somewhere to park, and walked through a few streets until we came upon the mall. There in the shadows sat the bank, a recluse amongst the other buildings and the Brum version of the London eye. People cackling and laughing at the bus stop just outside.

Some gates to the side had chains around, which had caused other explorers to believe the place out of action, causing panic on the forums. However the padlock wasn't shut and we just pulled the chains loose. Some noobs really shouldn't explore! A walk around the back, and the fire esape door was conveniently open. So we just walked in. First thing we wanted was a trip to the vaults, so we searched out for the stairs down. At the bottom was a sort of ringroad with vaults leading off the sides and the safety deposit boxes in the middle.

TheSpaniard, Will and I started doing some poser pictures and I had brought some props to play with

And then the mask

Passing back up stairs, we got back to the main banking hall, where originally desks would have been for customers to beg for more money.

We then set off upstairs, where the rooms were mostly either side of the main banking hall as you go up. Office, consultation rooms, board rooms etc. This must have been an open plan admin office

TheSpaniard liked his comfy chair

We walked past the balcony to the main banking hall, where 8mm Sammy came out for some cool shots

It was then up to the roof, where we had to be careful, as it was rather open. There was also a tall hotel overlooking the site. The end of the main mall

The Brum Eye acting like a giant fan

Back down, a few shots of the area by the front entrance, with it's church like qualities

The street lights filled the area, while drunken revellers waited for a bus outside

GE010 entering the bank as customers originally would have

It was getting late, and time to head off on the arduous journey down south. Many thanks to GE010 for the transport and company.


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