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GES010 - Clapham North Deep Level Shelter

The surface building was something of an anomaly a round concrete block in a small car park with high spiked fencing and walls surrounding it. A shot here compliments of Google.

Access involved climbing these nasty bastard evil spiked fences. I sadly lost a good pair of jeans i'd stupidly turned up in. I know others fell victim to it's jagged rusty topped spikes, tears, rips and holes abounded. The busy Clapham Road provided a few close calls, as it seemed to be a busy route for Police vehicles.

Once inside the main circular concrete block, i was presented with two circular staircases into the ground.

It took a couple of minutes to descend. I was alone, and it was early evening, so I was hoping I was alone. I crept between different areas keeping my ears open.

The shelter consisted of 2 parallel tubes split in half at the centre. This was the top...

...and this was the bottom.

Although it was pretty difficult to get lost, there were still signs as a reminded

This was a link between the top and bottom half of the shelter tubes

And as seen from below...

I went back up a different spiral stairway, which had a noisy fan in it

I left and tackled the nasty fence again, although I found holding onto the edge of a building meant less clothing carnage.

I returned again after being told by GE051 that a group was going to gather down there for an alternative fireworks night. However this didn't really transpire. It mostly involved waiting for her highness to sort herself out, do her own photos, and then leave earlier than planned. GE097 and GE089 were also there.

I had also brought my guitar with me as a prop, so I took some a shot with that. The worse busker ever.

At the time I was on a web forum that had a 'Page 3 Lovelies' page for people stripping off while exploring. So the following shot was my first entry to that. Look away now if you are of a sensitive disposition.

Apologies for any nightmares the above may induce.

I hadn't intended to make a third visit, but in February 2011, the Shelter once again became accessible, and a party was held there for a fellow explorer, off to the deserts of Nevada to write his Phd. A laptop and speakers, a frisbee, and a load of booze makes a good send off. I took the girlfriend and met GE007, and we joined in, and hung out.

And just in case you had any doubts as to where this is, here's a clue! Two party goers await their hero to arrive.

Originally I found it fairly boring, but with alcohol, friends, guitars and fun, it can be a lot better.