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GES031 - Spr!ngfield Universtiy Hospital Abandoned Ward

S University Hospital, Tooting (Abandoned Ward)

I didn't realise it was so common, but lots of hospitals have wards and buildings they no longer need, and leave them to the elements. Springfield University Hospital was no different, and had a wing of it's building that was disused and boarded up. After the comedy of working out which car park we'd parked in so we could find each other. We walked around the hospital on a weekday, and found it to be mostly deadly quiet. Although as I found the access point, it seemed to be weirdly busy suddenly. We waited for a quiet moment and hopped then climbed in.

Once inside it was dark on the ground floor, due to the boarded up windows. Out came the torch and I had a quick look around while waiting for Vic. I came back and still no sign, so I went up the stairs to the top and came back down again. I then found a huffing puffing Vic trying to squeeze his girth through a narrow gap. I pushed and prodded various bits of him, and he was in. We then climbed the stairs to the top floor. Here there were some lovely lights playing down the corridor, It was here that I realised like a fool, i'd forgotten my camera battery. GE092 let me put my CF card into his rather nice Canon 5D mk II.

Luckily I usually carry a back up, my trusty Canon A640, which produced slightly less quality than GE092's full frame Canon.

I then spotted a flap in the roof that lead into the attic. A quick run up the ladder conveniently nearby, and I was in the attic space. A small door lead out onto the roof, next to the lift motor room. The building's completion date was stamped next to an iron ladder.

There didn't seem to be anyone about, or any windows looking over our location, so I whizzed up the ladder. I could then see all down the ward we were exploring.

As well as the mad jumble of buildings that form the centre of the hospital

Back down inside, there was a bathroom where the local pyramaniacs had been plying their trade.

We found a ward still with beds in, used by the transients that had been staying there.

Most of the wards and ancillary areas were devoid of anything. This was the restaurant for the building.

There was the dereliction explorers favourite, peely paint, to be found here and there.

As well as where nature was trying to reclaim the building

As we walked around the first floor, there were groundsmen outside, so I was trying to be wary of the echoing rooms and being in sight at windows. However I need not have bothered, as GE092, who was supposed to be working today, talked loudly into his mobile without a care in the world. Not really ninja worthy. Cringing, and expecting to be caught any second, we carried on.

The sun coming in from the south side made great patterns for the photographer, or monkey snapper as I am.

Of to one side from the main long building, was an area with a large empty hall. The NHS, ever being careful with their public money, had left the radiators on full.

It was then back to the darkened ground floor, where the lights still worked in one of the corridors. Highlighting the flower named wards in the building.

We found a door that lead to the main hospital, so to avoid going out the slightly irksome way we'd got in, we slipped out and back into the main hospital, and back to our respective vehicles, whereever they were parked!

If you want to see GE092's far better photos, you can see them here:

Derelict Places

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And just for the record, we didn't need D-kay's help at all. GES031 is very much disabled access, and if you miss the very obvious access point, exploring really isn't for you!