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GES056 - Olympic Park Sports Facility, London (Trip 1)

Having seen something on the news about this place, I wondered whether it would be possible. I was discussing it with GE052 at N G T E (GES060) when a security guard interrupted the conversation. I then did a reccie of the site looking for possible breach points. I discovered one, and came back the following night.

As one might imagine, the security at the site is top notch, well, pretty top notch. I sat in a darkened spot where I couldn't be seen, and waited until a security van on the outside of the perimeter finally drove off. I then plucked up the courage and went for it. With each movement I expected to be caught or trigger some alarm. But no, a quick hop hear and there and I was in an old building that'd been gutted. The top floor was open, and looked like it was being preserved.

I gave it a quick explore, admiring the iron work that was exposed. From the top of the roof I was able to get some idea of what was involved and what the security situation was. A car with a flashing light driving about seemed the main internal security.

I then worked my way as much in the shadows as I could to the energy centre. Popping up to the roof to get some bearings. As I was there I heard voices and footsteps of several people, panicking I hid behind some pipes. They seemed to go straight past me down below. A sneaky check showed they were rail workers walking along the tracks outside the fence.

I hoped to climb the energy tower, and shuffled across for a look, however no joy, as there was no way up, other than shinnying up the frame, which I didn't fancy and would have been quite visible.

Looking over the tracks the basic structure of the basketball courts I believe, and the northern side of the park. Endless tower cranes nearby signifying the many buildings looking to cache in on 2012 Olympics.

On leaving the energy centre, I sat off across in the direction of the Stadium, keeping to shadows wherever possible. A security car drove up to a security hut, with it's orange light flashing on the roof. I was well away, so not worried. I passed a large collection of site offices, and then a concrete mixing plant.

I crept along avoiding where possible the security cars driving about, cctv posts etc. While working around a large dump truck, I managed to wander into some quicksand like substance and went in up to my knee. I worked my way out, and around a large pile of gravel mix or something. I could clearly see the bridge to the stadium, however there was a stack of admin cabins with lights on inside and out. I backed up and hoped across the road, crawling beside the large blocks lining the road. I got to the bank of the canal that had the stadium on the other side.

I was looking to get to the bridge, when some security people starting pointing torches along the bank where I was. There was little cover other than some pipes, so I tried to get behind them the best I could. After they walked off, I got back to the other side of the road, and worked my way back out. I got back to the old building i'd entered the park from, and grabbed a shot of the iron work in the building.

As I walked from the canal a security car pulled up with the engine running. I didn't stop to look and the person in the car didn't get out.

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Trip 2 to come