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Here are answers to some of the mind numbing questions we get asked all the time:

  • What does GE and GES mean?

Guerrilla Explorer/Exploring (depending on context) and Guerrilla Explore Site, simples.

  • Is it dangerous?

It can be if you don't take sensible precautions. It's rare to hear of serious injury or death.

  • Is it illegal?

Trespass is a civil offence in the UK, except MoD land, Rail lines and Government property etc.

  • Can you tell me lots of cool places to explore and how to get in?


  • I want to make a video at an abandoned asylum, probably involving zombies...

Stop right there, and kindly bugger off.

  • I want to shoot attractive women in various states of undress in interesting locations, can you help?

Of course, you'll need personal supervision as these places are like, dangerous and stuff.

  • What's the best way to find out what to get/wear/carry etc?

Read 'Access All Areas' by scene founder Ninjalicious. (It's on Amazon)

  • Is Guerrilla pronounced the same as Gorilla?

No. It's a Spanish word, and is pronounced. GweRiya with a heavy middle R. The English interpretation is Guerilla, which is pronounced like Gorilla, but that's only for the sort of people that read The Daily Star or Sunday Sport. Just in case you're not sure...

  • Are you just a bunch of attention seeking dicks?

Some are, some aren't. The concept of this website is to avoid that by avoiding publicity. Showing off to friends rather than to the public at large.

  • Can I get hold of prints, copies, or a canvas of images on the site?

Maybe, see the contact page

  • Can I interview people on the site for publication?

Maybe, see the contact page. It's unlikely we'll be interested in sensationalised pieces for tabloids. Final copy approval is likely to be a pre-requisite. Any images used will need to carry the copyright mark.

  • You use Adsense, doesn't that make you a sell-out?
No, is the simple answer.  I put up a lot of photos on this site, which sucks up bandwidth. The Ads will hopefully allow me to break even on the site and keep the new content coming.
  • I'm doing a BA, MA, Phd on (insert title) and was looking for someone to take me around a few places, will you help?
Very unlikely, I rarely visit places easy to explore, and won't want to take someone who doesn't know what they're doing and could jeopardise my safety/getting busted. Your best bet is to do somewhere yourself, and then look to contact a forum, showing you've made an effort.

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