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Guerrilla Exploring is about seeking out new vistas, experiences and adventures off the beaten path.

It's routes lie in the unconventional tactics used by different social and commercial groups throughout history. The first recognised and recorded use was in the Napoleanonic wars in Spain. Small bands of fighters would use unorthodox methods to help the Spanish army defeat Napolean. The most famous instance of guerrilla warfare occurred in the 1960s, with Fidel Castro and Che Guevara in Cuba, and Ho Chi Minh in Vietnam. The central themes are unconventional tactics and subversion, as well as an air of secrecy amongst fellow guerrillas.

Guerrilla marketing was an idea started by Jay Conrad Levinson, which involved using unconventional methods to market products. The basic premise being to get people interested in a product, without them knowing they were being exposed to marketing forces on a limited budget. The most commonly sited example is that of getting people to 'read' a certain book clearly in a tube carriage/bus etc.

The term and styles attributed to the word 'Guerrilla' are now many, and all involve using unconventional methods and an air of secrecy to attain their goal. Whether it's guerrilla gardening, guerrilla filming or even guerrilla photography.

Guerrilla Exploring is an attempt to divert public and authority's attention away from those that choose and enjoy exploring the urban infrastructure and rural environment. Urban Exploring is the term that is usually used to cover these activities, however it is limiting, as the rural environment has so much to offer, above, on and below ground level.

Guerrilla Exploring can be loosely applied to travel, while there's nothing wrong in seeing the popular sites and places, there are plenty more places and experiences to be had around the globe that are less popular.

Under the principles of Guerrilla Exploring, Explorers don't need names or identities, as it's not about the ego or who discovered a place. Equally the site doesn't want to be held responsible for anyone personally, or causing them to get in trouble.

Overall this is just a hobby and a way of having fun


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